We are a BUSY family of 5.
There is Shawn, myself, Audrey, Colton and Chance.
We also have 4 dogs, a kitty, and a few fish to add to this family. Between the 5 of us....including the pets, there is NEVER a dull moment in the Bowen house! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

June has already come and gone....

WOW, June has already come and gone! Can't believe it is now, July 4th!!!

This past month has been very busy. We got Audrey the first part of the month. My baby sister graduated from high school. Chance got his 1st haircut!!! He did very well. The back of his hair was growing a "rat tail".....it was more of a curl, that I had a hard time letting go of, cause it was alot of hair for him! :) Colton got his "summer cut", which was about his 4-5th haircut!!! Audrey even cut her hair short, into a cute bob.
The month started off with the boys, Colton getting is the worst....a really BAD CASE of the mouth/cold sores. ALL over his tongue. EVERYWHERE. So therefore, he didn't want the paci anymore.
So, we have nipped that bad habit in the bud. Which is nice, BUT, I think Colton still misses it. He is finally sleeping thru the night, but I really think, it took about a month to adjust.
NAPS......that's another subject. We have gone down to 1 nap a day. I think Colton might get startled during his nap, and where before, he could soothe himself back to sleep with the paci, NOW.....he can't. So, naps aren't as long as we would like.
WHICH....makes it VERY HARD for me to get things done around here!!!!
Our house is VERY TINY, and the limited space they have to move around isn't much. SO they just get tired/cranky of being inside. I take them outside for a little bit, but dang, in the 100+ weather, our outside play is cut short!
Friday, my mom called, and she took the boys for the entire day, while Audrey and I could do some deep cleaning around here. It was fun for us...."bonding time" as she calls it.....time without the boys for the 2 of us.

I have bought a potty. I bought the "ring" that goes on the toilet. (yeah, don't like that). Then I got a little froggy potty (going back to buy a 2nd). I just thought I needed one in the house. So they could start getting used to the idea. I've been putting them on the potty every morning when they wake up. After a week, Colton finally went this morning. Of course we made a very big deal about it. Now, I just need to be consistent with it. It kinda seems almost IMPOSSIBLE!!!! LOL

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