We are a BUSY family of 5.
There is Shawn, myself, Audrey, Colton and Chance.
We also have 4 dogs, a kitty, and a few fish to add to this family. Between the 5 of us....including the pets, there is NEVER a dull moment in the Bowen house! :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

June has already come and gone....

WOW, June has already come and gone! Can't believe it is now, July 4th!!!

This past month has been very busy. We got Audrey the first part of the month. My baby sister graduated from high school. Chance got his 1st haircut!!! He did very well. The back of his hair was growing a "rat tail".....it was more of a curl, that I had a hard time letting go of, cause it was alot of hair for him! :) Colton got his "summer cut", which was about his 4-5th haircut!!! Audrey even cut her hair short, into a cute bob.
The month started off with the boys, Colton getting is the worst....a really BAD CASE of the mouth/cold sores. ALL over his tongue. EVERYWHERE. So therefore, he didn't want the paci anymore.
So, we have nipped that bad habit in the bud. Which is nice, BUT, I think Colton still misses it. He is finally sleeping thru the night, but I really think, it took about a month to adjust.
NAPS......that's another subject. We have gone down to 1 nap a day. I think Colton might get startled during his nap, and where before, he could soothe himself back to sleep with the paci, NOW.....he can't. So, naps aren't as long as we would like.
WHICH....makes it VERY HARD for me to get things done around here!!!!
Our house is VERY TINY, and the limited space they have to move around isn't much. SO they just get tired/cranky of being inside. I take them outside for a little bit, but dang, in the 100+ weather, our outside play is cut short!
Friday, my mom called, and she took the boys for the entire day, while Audrey and I could do some deep cleaning around here. It was fun for us...."bonding time" as she calls it.....time without the boys for the 2 of us.

I have bought a potty. I bought the "ring" that goes on the toilet. (yeah, don't like that). Then I got a little froggy potty (going back to buy a 2nd). I just thought I needed one in the house. So they could start getting used to the idea. I've been putting them on the potty every morning when they wake up. After a week, Colton finally went this morning. Of course we made a very big deal about it. Now, I just need to be consistent with it. It kinda seems almost IMPOSSIBLE!!!! LOL

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Forgot to mention....one good thing that has come out of these blisters....
they don't want their paci's anymore. That was already a goal for us this summer. But now, they are turning down their paci's, throwing them out of their crib.
So I have put them away......Would rather deal with illness, and paci's all in one shot.....

SO GOODBYE pacis!!!!

Summertime Doesn't Feel Like SUMMER!!!

Well, my first week of summer, has been taking care of two sick little boys.
My summer started off nice. Saturday was our anniversary of 4 years. Went to eat at the place our wedding reception was, Casa Rio.
Picked up the boys Sunday from my parents, and they both had fevers.
Took them to the Dr. Monday, he gave us antibiotics.
Tuesday morning, Colton had a swollen tongue, and blisters on his tongue.
Keep in mind, he was up ALL NIGHT.
Long story short, after another Dr. visit, because of the NON-STOP screaming, the boys have fever blisters. Not sure where they got it from, but they have it.
It's not just ONE, its a MOUTH full. From what I hear, having one is painful. So I can understand, why the screaming is going on.
I feel like I have two newborns again!!!!!
It's hard, cause there isn't a whole lot I can do. Motrin and Dr. gave me some meds that will numb it temporarily.

So, in a nutshell, my summertime, hasn't felt felt "Summer" quite yet.

On a positive note....boys are growing/changing right and left. Talking a lot. Which I love. Colton seems to talk a bit more than Chance, but that's OK. Colton is better at mimicking us, than Chance is. Chance seems to point and make a sound.

I'm looking forward to our summer and being home. Not tutoring this summer. That's a first in 4-5 years! Have lots of scheduled play dates set.
We just have to get better!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009



That's what we are. It's just that time of year. It is busy for Shawn's work. It's coming to the end of the year for myself (crazy how fast this school year went by!), and the boys are just plain ol' BUSY BEES!
Ready for summertime. Our neighborhood just set up a playscape in the park area. So that will be nice to play on in the summer. We bought the boys a new pool. It is pretty cool I must admit. We tested the waters yesterday. They weren't too sure of, especially since it was a little chilly (the water). But the neighbor girls came over, and then they were as happy as could be.
We have our family zoo pass. My old college roomie, who I've known my whole life, we plan on taking our boys to the zoo or go to Landa park once a week this summer.
The boys are literally ALL over the place.
They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be outside. It's funny how they listen to Shawn a whole lot better, when it comes to STOP or NO when we are out in the front yard. When it's just me and the boys, they are like the dogs. They just keep on going. WHY IS THAT? Why can't I be the ALPHA FEMALE in the house? LOL
One thing we are FOR SURE gonna "try" to attempt is getting rid of the paci's.
I'm not too sure how this will work. As it is, the boys only get their paci's during the daytime naps, and once I pick them up in the afternoons from the sitter, they are READY for them.
Colton it will devastate him. I just know it.
He's my kid that will wake up from a deep sleep, and still be asleep but crying for his paci. Chance on the other hand, he will just play in bed, be quiet, if he doesn't have his paci. I think he will get over the paci obsession quickly.
It's just Colton. He is the happiest with two paci's in his mouth. TRUE ADDICTION!
Little concerned with the boys teeth. Their top teeth you NEVER see. Their top gum is so arched. I think it has to do with the paci's (another reason for getting rid of them)
But poor Colton's teeth. He has a molar coming in. It was bloody looking, but I just thought, well the gum broke, their is a little blood. Well, when I touched it, the entire tooth was loose and felt like it could come out at any moment.
WEIRD! From what I've read, just gonna wait a week, and see how it does. He doesn't seem bothered by it in the least. He doesn't seem to be in pain, he's fine.
So, fingers crossed, I'm hoping the dang tooth tightens up!

WORDS: the boys are speaking a ton. Shawn and I still think they are from Boston, but that's OK. I guess we can overlook that. :) We can say: hello (more like hoooo), mooooo (cow), dog, kitty, key (Chiquita, our dog), bubbles, bubba, baby (sounds more like bubba), ooooaaa (monkey sound), car, choochoo (train), WHOA (going over the traintracks), yuck (as they slap their hands together), teeth, bye bye, dada, momma, cookie, ball, more....thats all i can think of now. every once in awhile, Colton will say, "thank you".
They still have yet to say NO, which I'm glad. They do shake their head (Colton shakes his entire body for NO), but they haven't said it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spaghetti, Tables, Lamps, PJ's

Chance just wanting some love, and Colton wanting nothing to do with it.After we eat our dinner. What a mess!
Oh yeah, the LAMP.....that my Chance pushed through the table. See below.
The table, WHICH used to have glass. Is now in the trash into millions of little tiny pieces, which Im still finding around the house. Lovely.
My angels!!! ;)

Here we are taking a bath AFTER feeding ourselves their favorite. Momma's spaghetti.A day we stayed in our PJ's. Opening the door for some fresh air.
My Sweet Colton.
And, NO, I'm not strangling my child. I pretty much think he's my mini-me.
Colton and his blankie. He loves it!

Goodbye March, Hello Croup....I mean April!

So I've been slacking on my posts. So dang busy. Boys WAY more demanding now. Colton, can finally walk. And he's a fast walker too. Such a sweet boy he is. Such a lover. ECI did come out, but it was also a BIG miscommunication. So we never saw the PT. It was the middle man....she didn't even think Colton would qualify, but still wanted to follow thru. Have yet to have that appt.
Chance is a lover too. But, he is also the biggest HAM, I have ever seen. Makes funny faces at us, like rolling his eyes. It is hilarious!
CROUP....was the BIG event this week. Tuesday night, the boys were pretty restless as far as sleeping goes. They were both running a low grade fever since Sunday, but we were certain it was because of teething.
Around midnight, we hear this awful sound over the monitor....Shawn sat up in bed and shouted, "he's having an asthma attack". We run in their room, and Chance is ON FIRE, red, and just gasping for air. Scariest thing EVER.
We take him to the bathroom, get out the nebulizer we have had since he was an infant (haven't used it in WAY over a year), turned on the hot shower, sat in the bathroom with hot steam. Took him outside for the cool air.
We put him in bed with us, but we didn't sleep. He was just wheezing or "barking" all night. Fever wasn't breaking. Just AWFUL.
Took him to the Dr., and he gave him a steroid shot, amoxill, and cough suppressant.
He is not 100%, but he's actually 100% better than from that night.
Tonight, Colton is having that "horsey" cough. I went ahead and gave him the cough meds, and I'm hoping its not gonna be another night.
SCARY, and feeling helpless, just brought me back to the scary NICU days. And that is just the worst.

Other than that, things are great. We are getting Audrey this weekend, to celebrate her 11th bday. Nuts! Here are just a few pics of the Little Tikes Castle my school gave me from their Pre-K playground. Only a few years old. Boys LOVE IT. They also LOVE being outside.